What is Atomic Tourism?

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Thinking Cap
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Some of the earliest atomic tourists.

Some of the earliest atomic tourists.

What exactly is atomic tourism? Well, according to Wikipedia:

Atomic tourism is a relatively new type of tourism in which visitors learn about the Atomic Age by traveling to significant sites in atomic history such as museums with atomic weapons, vehicles that carried atomic weapons or sites where atomic weapons were detonated.

Just like most single ladies in their thirties, I love me some fallout shelters, atomic weapons museums and abandoned test sites! Seriously though, I do love the stuff. And I love writing about the places I’ve visited, be that visit be feet-on-the-ground or through books, movies, TV and other pieces of pop culture.

I’m definitely a novice atomic tourist. I’ve only been at it for a few years, and I don’t have a background in nuclear physics or anything remotely scientific. But I love the stuff. And the way it shaped the world, is just so … awesome in both the good and bad senses of the word.

Allow me to be your guide to all things atomic, won’t you?




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