Let’s Join this Housewife-Reporter on an Atomic Test Site Tour! (1955)

Posted: July 1, 2014 in Anne Visits an Atomic Site, Atomic Test, Nevada, Nevada Test Site, Promotional Films, Site Tours, Videos
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Have you visited the Nevada National Security Site, (or whatever acronym-ready name were using right now)? You know, the place where they enacted most of the atomic tests of the last century?

I have! And it’s awesome!

I’ll have a post (or several, really) about my visit, one day. But for now, let’s enjoy this Fifites-Kitsch filled film about the site.

The NNSS tour guide actually played this film for us on the bus ride from Las Vegas to the site, and it was great! The beginning is a little math-heavy, but it does a great job of explaining the differences between atomic and hydrogen bomb sizes. Oh! And you’ll get your introduction to probably my most favorite atomic thing ever, the test site mannequins!

I hope you enjoy it.

Happy atom smashing!



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