The folks at 99 Percent Invisible have a great new episode up at the site.


Episode 121 is a great! It’s about Abo Elementary School in Artesia, NM, which happens to be underground. So, why exactly is it underground? Well, in the early Sixties, the Office of Civil Defense was interested in double-duty schools–schools that served as both normal schools and moonlighted as community fallout shelters. As part of the pilot program, Abo Elementary was built with your normal fallout shelter staples, like blast doors, decontamination showers and…a morgue. Did your elementary school have those, ahem, accoutrements?

The episode includes a great tour of the school and a bunch of background information about the Fallout Shelter Fever of the Sixties.

Special thanks to my friends Addie (@addiekmartin) and Jeremy (@restlesslens) for letting me know about this episode was on the interwebs.

Anyway, give it a listen!



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