“Come on kids–let’s all look sombre!”

I love, love, love this fallout shelter photo. The shelter isn’t one of the snazziest I’ve seen, but man do the girls have some horrible haircuts. I assume they wanted something similar to mom’s but they reeealllly can’t pull them off. I also like the expressions on their faces. And holy cow, isn’t the boy the spitting image of his pop?

The shelter itself looks to be the basement variety (I could look it up in the Life magazine this is from, but it’s Labor Day weekend, and the lazy is strong with me). Note the large supply of linens on the shelf and one of the daughters’ laps, and the support chain for the bunk folded-up behind dad. The kids each seem to have a bunch of “activity” items including books and Scrabble, to help while away the hours of the apocalypse, while mom looks to be sitting on an Eames (or at least Eames-ish) chair, and dad seems pretty authoritarian with his shovel and Coleman camp stove.

A lovely tableau of the nuclear family.

Happy Friday!




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