government approved fallout shelter1981

Happy Friday!

This week’s fallout shelter comes to us from across the pond. This 1981 photo shows a lovely wellies-clad lass reclining in a fairly serious looking “government approved” nuclear shelter. She has plenty of early-Eighties pantry staples to snack on, and is even holding a tin of probably Spotted Dick (that’s all British people eat, right?). She also seems ready to go all Showcase Showdown on that door handle.

I found this snap and a bunch of other cool shots at (I know, right?!) Most of the images in the slide-show are straight-up normal, non-nuclear bunkers, but they’re still neat to look at. And the people all look so jolly.

Check out the bunker slide show!

Cheerio and all that!


  1. John says:

    Kellogg corn flakes!


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