Fallout Shelter Friday!

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Atomic Pop, Be Prepared, Fallout Shelters, Shelters
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Make 7-Up Yours! Do you guys remember that ad campaign, it will remain one of my favorites for all time. So good!

Anyway, today’s fallout shelter is thanks to a 7up ad in Chuck West’s Fallout Shelter Handbook, which is almost impossible to find, as it’s out of print. (And if you happen to have a copy, I will pay you semi-handsomely for it.)

The advertisement features some sunny looking young folks playing pool in the basement-turned fallout shelter. According to the ad, 7up can fix what ails me if what ails me is laughing myself thirsty. Does this happen? Is it a thing? Maybe I better watch it on the laughing front.

The fallout shelter is more of a fun center, with its pool table, fireplace (with andirons!) and some fish art. The only hints that this is actually a place to ride out the apocalypse are the serious hinges and weirdly placed handle on the vault-ish door. Sneaky designers!

Have a 7up and enjoy your Friday, everyone!



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