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Fallout Shelter Fridays! is on vacation this week, so take a look at the fantastic fallout shelter (Congressional!) at The Greenbrier! You can tour it!

Happy Friday!




The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (yep, that one) has an FAQ page for nuclear blasts. Now. In 2014. This seems…misplaced? I mean, I can see how radiation sickness could fall under the CDC’s umbrella, but this page answers questions like, “Would an airplane crash in a nuclear power plant have the same effect as a nuclear blast?” (Spoiler Alert: No.) as well as radiation sickness (ARS for those in the know)-specific questions.

Regardless of the odd placement, the page provides a surprisingly easy-to-understand, thorough introduction to nuclear blasts and aftermath, and also answers some pretty good questions to boot.

Take a look!


The folks at 99 Percent Invisible have a great new episode up at the site.



(Portions of this post originally appeared in my Adventures in Atomic Tourism at McSweeney‘s.)

Last Friday I received a press release from the lovely folks over at the Atomic Heritage Foundation noting that their website had gone live! Hooray!

So what’s the Atomic Heritage Foundation, you ask?

According to their *fantastic* website, they’re in the business of:

Preserving and Interpreting the Manhattan Project.

Dedicated to creating a Manhattan Project National Historical Park and capturing the memories of the people who harnessed the energy of the atom.

Isn’t that tremendous?!

Basically, they’re working very hard to create a Manhattan Project National Historical Park.